Sideshow Collectibles Rewards

This article will offer you a brief description on Sideshow Collectibles Rewards. We can simply describe Sideshow Collectibles rewards as how the company thanks their customers and collectors. When you purchase collectibles at Sideshow Collectibles online you will earn rewards points, which can be redeemed for some of our hottest collectibles. Read on to know more about Sideshow Collectibles rewards.

For earning Sideshow Collectibles rewards points one requires creating an online account. If you already have an account then you are on your way. You can earn Sideshow reward point on every product you purchase. To be very precise you can earn reward point if you buy the Sideshow products which are marked with Sideshow Rewards red star. One can also earn Sideshow Collectibles rewards through special promotions, contests and surveys through the company’s site.

As far as Sideshow Collectibles rewards for customers are concerned, phone orders will be also eligible to earn reward points. One can also view their rewards points; they can monitor their reward point in the reward area which is located towards the bottom of their online account page. They will find all new Sideshow Rewards listed in the Rewards area in their online account as 'Pending' points. However, Sideshow Collectibles rewards will become or appear as ‘Active’ point after they pay the full amount of the item or product received.

Regarding about redeeming the Sideshow Collectibles rewards, one should redeem their rewards through purchases made via online store. They can actually switch twenty Sideshow Rewards for each dollar of the price of the product. You will find is a Sideshow Rewards area which is located on the check out page. This will show or displays how many Sideshow Rewards that you have 'active' and available to apply towards your order. You need to simply select the amount you would like to use and have to select the apply check box!

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