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The given article will briefly let you know about Sideshow Collectibles. Sideshow Collectibles is basically California based toy as well as collectible studio which was established in the year 1993 as Sideshow Production, simply a motion picture prop & special effect firm. However, the company totally changed focus to collectibles market in the year 1994. And the company officially makes licensed action figures and movie collectibles. Read on to collect more information about Sideshow Collectibles.

Referring to the Sideshow Collectibles information, we can simply point out that the company produces licensed products from the world of movies, television, animation & comic books. Besides, Sideshow Collectibles is also partnered with the top prop as well as effect houses like Weta Workshop in order to distribute collectibles under various distinct brands. Details about Sideshow Collectibles further shows that in 2004, the company also made an agreement with Lucasfilm for producing Star Wars merchandise.

As mentioned above the company also made agreement with Lucasfilm in order to produce Star Wars merchandise, and for the last few years the mechanize have been produced in the form 12 inch figures, premium format figures and life-size collectibles as well as dioramas. According to the information about Sideshow Collectibles, these figures are highly detailed and beautifully created pieces. As we talk about Sideshow Collectibles figures, these figures often comes in a regular and exclusive version.

The exclusive version of Sideshow Collectibles figures basically contains different or new accessories in comparison to the regular one. These figures are also only available for purchase online Sideshow or at various conventions. One can find various Sideshow Collectibles figures. Summing up, Sideshow Collectible is one of the top manufacturers for movie and comic licensing like Star Wars, Marvel, Lord of the rings as well as comiquettes and prop replica's from television and comic book characters.

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